TRG the ONE offer an extensive range of products
for the care and maintenance of all types of leather and other materials.

In 1940, my grandfather Joaquim Tarragó Bescós, technical expert in textile dyes, established his own family business, legally registered it under his own name. Commercially it became known as Productos Tintolina Tarragó.

In such post-war times, its main products were home use textile dyes to address the general public’s lack of means to buy new clothes for themselves and their families. Shoe color restorers became the Company’s the second major line of products.

In the early 1960s, my father, Joaquim Tarragó Gràcia, took over the family business, with an approach to further develop the Company’s footwear product range. In those years he created the water-based Color Dye, which, apart from restoring the leather, also allowed to change its color. Such a product remains one of the highlights of our product range to this day.

It was in those years that my father registered the family business under his own name.

In 1984 my father transferred the Management to me, and the family business became a Business Corporation for the first time, which triggered our international development.

Until 2008 our Company experienced a spectacular global expansion and we developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of products for the shoe care market. Between 2008 and 2009, our Corporation was sold to a foreign Group.

Since then, with the involvement of the fourth generation of the Tarragó family, we continue to shape the present and the future of our old tradition as connoisseurs of the shoe care industry by means of TRG BESTNETS SL, our own 100%-family-run Company, and TRG, our own brand name.

Welcome to TRG The ONE

Joaquim Tarragó Llobet,
on behalf of four generations of the Tarragó family